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"Learn how to eat, diet, and exercise like your favorite celebs to naturally firm and shape buttocks while sculpting a perfectly toned and curvy figure!"
- Alexa Cruz
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Alexa Brazilian Curfy Vit
Chapter 1: Diet & Nutrition

Chapter 2: Good Fats vs. Bad Fats

Chapter 3: All About Fitness

Chapter 4: Your Meal Plan

Chapter 5: Recipes

Chapter 6: Exercises

Chapter 10: Fitness Journal
Two weeks
meal plan
The Best Brazilian Diet in the World!
The Best Brazilian Diet in the World!
I've traveled all over the world and have tried many different diets to lose weight without losing what makes me feminine. When I discovered the truly amazing Brazilian diet, I was overwhelmed with joy! Unlike many other diets, I've traveled all over the world and have tried many different diets to lose weight without losing what makes me feminine. When I discovered the truly amazing Brazilian diet, I was overwhelmed with joy! Unlike many other diets, the Brazilian Diet is truly remarkable! When I found out about the diet I lost 25 lbs, dropped 3 inches from my waist, all while shaping a perfectly round and more curvy buttocks! This is why I have created this amazing diet, to help women like you do the same, with the help of my easy to follow system found inside this remarkable guide. For just a $5.99 you can have the insider' secrets, to the best Brazilian diet!
All about the Fat!
All about the Fat!
Brazilian women understand that it's not just fat that matters, it's the type of fat. While on the Brazilian diet, you'll be able to savor good fatty foods to help amplify the curviness to your breast, hips, and of course, your buttocks. In Brazil, women eat good nutritious fat from avocados, real butter, eggs, delicious salmon, tuna and more! With this diet, you will discover the secret of the Brazilians and learn how to quickly shape and sculpt your figure the easy, natural and safe way! Eating poor quality foods that have bad fatty content such as donuts, french fries and fast foods can all ruin your shape, giving you a frumpy appearance and a big gut.
Avoid the Risks of Surgery
Quack Doctors performing bad buttocks injections have been
at the top of the daily news. These Doctors are charging up
to $3000 dollars for a procedure! Many victims have fallen
for risky surgery scams that have ruined their life and
body permanently, all from a quick butt shot.
Who wants to look like a slob with a spare tire around the waist or a muffin top? I don't think anybody does. Needless to say, our American Diet all too often ruins our beautiful bodies, leaving us looking and feeling unattractive, with limited option available to us, it's no wonder why so many women turn to risky cosmetic surgery.
Avoid the Risks of Surgery
The problem with surgery is that the results can be very unpredictable and people's expectations are often unrealistic. Also, the cost of surgery over the decade has dramatically increased while the level of expertise has shockingly decreased. Many plastic surgeons are in the business for the money, not really caring about the specialty of beautifying you piece by piece. An average surgical procedure can range $10-$25 thousand dollars, but who wants to spend a fortune on senseless cosmetic surgery when the dangers are so imminent and the risks are so great? These dangerous and costly procedures can leave your body disfigured for life.
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Don't be caught slipping!
There are many people out there that just want your money, needless to say there are doctors, fitness clubs, personal trainers and many others who will tell you a dream that you shouldn't believe. That's why I have created this remarkable diet and fitness guide for just $5.99, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowledge and information which is worth a fortune.

Here's the truth, I'm not concerned about making money. It's a joy to educate women like you who have been dying to lose weight and reshape a better body like some of their favorite curvy celebs. As women, we know, how important it is to look and feel our very best. Many of us want to look good for ourselves, our men and the cameras. Whatever your goal is for redefining your figure, I can assure you that life is better when you have confidence in your appearance! I can assure you that looking gorgeous and obtaining better health is worth your investment. The new healthy lifestyle choices you'll discover in my guide will reward you with a lifetime of wealth through information.

The purpose of this guide is to help you enhance your life and overall wellness--and decrease your stress level all while creating that bombshell body, through diet nutrition and fitness. You'll learn how to lose weight faster and build the size and shape of your buttocks intensely, while significantly reducing belly fat around your waist! Every little secret tip to a better body is inside this guide.

Really, it's all up to you. This guide is here for those who wants a better body that gets enough attention to put some of your favorite celebrities to shame. Discovering the secrets in this guide can be real advantage to those who follow it and make the appropriate lifestyle changes to to maintain it.

It's an easy and natural way to take back control of your body and get in the shape
of your dreams. I recommend this guide to anyone and everyone who wants to look
and feel their best.

Amazing Transformations

The transformation is easy when you follow the instructions in my guide.
Truly your weight just begins to fall off, as fat around your mid section
begins to melt. The remarkable diet found in this guide is the most effective diet I've ever discovered, because the way it scientifically reshapes your body is truly magnificent. The foods you'll learn to eat on this diet will help keep your metabolism fired up. And the fat that you consume on the daily basis will retain around your hips and buttocks to form the curviness of your shape. This is the only diet, of this kind, that will help you lose weight while maintaining the curviness to your figure.


Buy with extreme caution! This remarkable Brazilian diet isn't for everyone. I must admit,
if you don't want nice big curves and slim sexy waist, then don't try it. Seriously, if you
don't want a Brazilian Beach body that draws attention from men like flies at a picnic, then
again, caution... please don't buy it.
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Amazing Transformations
Jokingly, I added this section to my website to be silly. But the truth is, the diet promotes a curvy figure. For my people that is not their idea of beauty. And that's okay. Because there are many people who would pay top dollar for such a figure. I created this guide because I wanted to shed some light on the Brazilian culture, the amazing foods they eat, and the unique approach to fitness they take that truly enhances the curviness of a woman's shape. Just read some of the amazing testimonials from real customers who have read my guide, followed my diet tips and tricks, and are among the thousands of women that have gotten the same amazing results.
Diet Secrets that work!

Diet Secrets that work!

It is found in the guide; amazing appetizing recipes from scratch that anyone can prepare in less than 10 minutes, and as well unique exercise all under 20 minutes that tone and shape your butt, legs, and thighs. All of this and more is found in your guide plus little tricks to slim your waist and burn belly fat in just two days. Just eating a certain kind of apple, which is higher in pectin than other types of apples, can slim you down, up to 10 pounds! This means by implementing this trick on Thursday of any given week can help you lose one dress size by the weekend! These are tips and tricks found in my guide that some of Hollywood's hottest celebs live by. With the help of my guide you will get an hourglass figure that's nothing less than curvy fit, such a figure exudes glamour, beauty and sexiness. Your friends and your man will be raving about your new body. You'll instantly get rid of flab as you firm, tone and enhance your body in places where you want it the most. We have even put together a complete program that's fool proof so you cannot
help but succeed. We'll teach you how to spike up a sluggish metabolism, help you understand the value of good fats versus bad fats, while educating you on calorie consumption and food proportions. We'll uncover the truth behind growing a bigger butt and reducing your waist so you can get the body of your dreams. Whether you're a model, teacher, or student the guide has so much invaluable information that's worth it's minor investment of only a $5.99.
"Learn what foods stimulate your female

hormones naturally, such as delicious

and healthy avocados, plantains and


"Lose belly fat and uncover the truth

behind firming and sculpting your butt"
We'll reveal exercises that help you increase
curviness to your figure in just a few weeks.
Avoid the common mistakes most women make in the gym and learn how to workout like the pros in just 20 minutes or less. Inside the guide you will find simple easy training tips and recommendations from the pros! Learn how to appropriately position your body to perform the perfect lunges and squats to lift and tighten your legs and butt. Imagine reducing your entire workout regime to just three simple exercises such as the hip raise, pull ups, lunges, and squats.
If you want that sexy hour glass figure that turns
heads, The Curvy Fit Guide, has complete workout
program that defines the shape of your body while
enhancing envious curves. (All in just four week!)

With our workout program, you don't have to worry
about becoming big and bulky like a man. The guide
helps you define your curves, shape and tone your
body in a feminine and sensual way that's attractive.
The Brazilian approach to fitness is ingenious, this guide helps you sculpt and define your curves perfectly!
- Janet Johnson
Eating Right
Being the busy bees we all are, sometimes it gets difficult to always choose the best foods to enhance our voluptuous figures while keeping us nice, slim and trim. Or maybe we just are not sure about which foods are better for us than others to accentuate our curves. By following the Brazilian diet in this guide, you'll learn how to eat healthy and delicious food. And best of all, these foods are good for you and better for maintaining your shapely figure.
Eating Right
Eating Right
In this guide, we are going to educate you about the values of understanding the concept of good and bad fats and as well as we will teach you how to implement the Brazilian diet into your lifestyle, so you can begin contouring the shape of you body and losing weight.
Eating Right
Alexa Cruz Brazilian Curvy Fit
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